Product Portfolio

Delta Mobile Systems offers differentiated technology products to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) bring new products and advanced technology to market faster, with quality and added value. The flexibility in these products allows for multiple applications like advanced driver assistance systems and secure access control, among many others. Quality products and high performance are our priorities, which is why Delta Mobile Systems can help your business grow. We are delivering business value to Fortune 500 companies, worldwide.



aiDARS 1x

Radar and camera vision sensing technologies are highly integrated into the aiDARS™ 1x System, providing higher performance to overall system applications.



SensOn 3x

The SensOn 3x is a 2D, high performance smart radar sensor system that detects multiple objects at ultra-near to far ranges.



SensOn 2x

The SensOn 2x is one of the smallest smart radar sensors on the market. This advanced technology offers ultra-near to mid-range object detection and can be semi-customized for different applications..