October 15, 2018

Meet Delta Mobile Systems at Sensors Midwest 2018

October 16, 2018

ELGIN, IL - Every year, technical and business professionals visit the Sensors Midwest conference to discover cutting-edge advancements in sensor technology. One of the latest innovations comes from Delta Mobile Systems, who will be hosting private demos of their new SensOn™ 3x smart sensor system during this year’s show.

The SensOn™ 3x is an advanced radar monitoring system that uses 2D detection to measure the proximity and position of multiple objects at once. System applications include blind spot assistance, pedestrian detection, docking assistance, forward and rear collision warning, zone monitoring and other use cases.

SensOn 3x

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Delta Mobile Systems will be at Sensors Midwest 2018 on October 17. To schedule a private demo – or learn about the company’s other high-tech products – contact Dustin Baker at 847-468-1840 or visit www.deltamobile.com.

DMS Team

Delta Mobile Systems

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    The company’s growing portfolio is comprised of wireless mobile products and smart sensor systems including radar, vision, and machine intelligent applications.


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