January 16, 2018

Delta Mobile Unveils aiDARS1x Technology and Release Plans

January 16, 2018

ELGIN, IL- Today, Delta Mobile Systems announced that their new aiDARS1x system will launch in April 2018, with engineering samples available for order now. aiDARS1x integrates Delta Mobile’s SensOn3x Radar System with up to 6 HD cameras to provide 360° of vision around a vehicle.

"We see a growing demand for fusing radar and camera technology together,” said Debbie Jones, Chief Operations Officer. “Our new aiDARS™  1x system intelligently merges the advantages of both technologies into a system that outperforms a simple combination of radar sensors and cameras. With aiDARS1x , our customers can depend on 360⁰ surround view and reliable object detection.”

The tandem RADAR and vision features found inside aiDARS1x can help enhance overall system applications and drive uptime in vertical markets like automotive, transportation, agricultural/industrial and robotics. The system also features semi-customization options for specialized applications.

To schedule a product demo – or learn more about aiDARS1x – contact the Delta Mobile team at 847-468-1840 or visit us at www.deltamobile.com to learn more.

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