New SensOn 3x from Delta Mobile applicable for multiple vertical markets

June 2, 2017 

ELGIN, IL- Today, Delta Mobile Systems is introducing the SensOn 3x smart radar sensor system. Limited quantities are available now, with a full product launch in June. The SensOn 3x is an advanced system that provides enhanced object detection for numerous vertical markets and applications.

The SensOn 3x is a unique product that can be used in several vertical markets with different customizations to suit the needs of each application. Those markets include automotive, transportation, robotics, aviation and heavy equipment. Delivering real-time data, the SensOn 3x is well suited for these markets’ needs.

“Our SensOn 3x is designed for ultra-near and long range detection,” said Debbie Jones, COO. “This makes it a viable product for applications like rear collision assistance, collision avoidance and docking assistance, as well as other intelligent advanced driver assistance systems.”

High-end features enable the SensOn 3x to be a leading-edge product among smart radar sensors. This 2D technology detects multiple objects at up to 150 meters, and it can measure the angle and distance of detected objects. Its small form factor and ruggedized build allows for installation without disrupting existing product design, and the ability to operate in harsh environments. Rain, snow, fog, dust, ice and a wide temperature range do not affect the SensOn 3x’s ability to function.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the SensOn 3x and its applications, contact the Delta Mobile team at 847-468-1840.


About Delta Mobile Systems

Delta Mobile Systems designs, manufactures and sells intelligent wireless products and smart sensor systems to industry leaders worldwide in vertical markets. The company’s evolving portfolio of solutions helps its customers, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, overcome their challenges in fast-changing industries. Delta Mobile’s diverse product portfolio is comprised of leading-edge smart radar sensor and sensor fusion technologies.